'Indie Game: The Movie' is Going to Sundance

Posted Fri Dec 2, 2011 at 07:30 AM PST by Dick Ward

The fan financed look at independent videogame development meets up with a festival celebrating independent movies.

While the big name developers are having all the success, indie game developers are pumping out some of the most innovative, risky and inventive games around. 'Indie Game: The Movie' is all about the increasingly popular indie game movement and just what goes into making an independent title.

The documentary focuses on three different games and the people behind them. You'll see Edmund McMillan and Tommy Refenes who created 'Super Meat Boy' as well as Johnathan Blow who made 'Braid' which garnered not only critical acclaim but a surprising amount of success. Finally, the movie showcases Phil Fish, who is currently developing a hotly anticipated indie title called 'FEZ.'

Even if you haven't played 'Super Meat Boy' or 'Braid,' check out the trailer for this incredibly cool looking film.

Source: GameSpot

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