High-Def Egg Hunt: Latest Blu-ray, HD DVD Easter Egg Finds

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A series of hidden features on both 'Pirates of the Caribbean' Blu-ray releases topline our latest collection of easter egg reports.

While we always list easter eggs as they're discovered on our individual disc reviews, every once in a while we try to post an overview of the most recent easter egg reports in this space. 'Pirates of the Caribbean' takes center stage in today's round-up, boasting a total of five hidden features spotted (so far) on each of its two Blu-ray releases. Granted, none are exclusive to the high-def release, but we'll take our 'Pirates' booty any way we can get it.

Click the linked disc titles below to view detailed instructions on how to access the easter eggs listed. And remember, most easter eggs are reported by our readers, so if you spot an egg that isn't already published in our review for that title, please let us know, using our tips and submissions form -- if we publish your report, we'll credit you with the find. Happy hunting!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Blu-ray)
- "Catering" vignette
- "Coconut Man" featurette
- "Chopper the Dog" featurette
- "Prop Painter" featurette
- "The Twin Pirates" featurette

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (Blu-ray)
- Interview with Keith Richards
- 3D animatic
- Japanese Trailer
- "Treasure Cave Set" featurette
- Vintage radio ad for Disneyland "Pirates" ride

Nine Inch Nails Live: Beside You in Time (HD DVD)
- Alternate projection footage

Rocky Balboa (Blu-ray)
- "Fight Makeup Of 'Rocky Balboa'" Featurette

The Rundown (HD DVD)
- Interview with Rosario Dawson
- Two interviews with The Rock
- Two interviews with Sean William Scott

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