CEA Says There's No Day like Earth Day to Start Living Green

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The Association has some tips for being green with electronics including where to recycle that BetaMax.

In preparation for today, Earth Day, the Consumer Electronics Association has put together some tips to help consumers "to Live Green, Buy Green and Recycle Responsibly."

Samantha Nevels, coordinator of environmental policy communications at CEA,"CEA wants to help Americans celebrate Earth Day, and GreenerGadgets.org can show you how. You can recycle an old TV, use an ENERGY STAR-certified device, or just unplug a device you're not using."

The first tip, Live Green, involves a simple concept. Consumers who know more about their energy use and maintain a relative idea of how to impact their energy usage tend to apply that knowledge and use less energy. Along with the provided GreenerGadgets.org Energy Use Calculator, are tips to police chargers and devices in standby that suck energy while serving as warm paper weights and a suggestion to upgrade TVs and other displays to newer, more energy efficient models.

The Buy Green tip asks that consumers remember some certifications that are either often assumed or disregarded, ENERGY STAR and EPEAT. More than 27,000 electronics products meet EPA's ENERGY STAR specs. Of course, central heating and cooling dominates energy usage in the home, but the CEA knows that those who enjoy consumer electronics the most have a great ability to understand and mange their energy needs.

Finally, the CEA wants to help consumers make the right choice when it comes to electronics that are beyond anymore use. Each circuit board is filled with bits needed for the latest and greatest electronics. Plus, devices that still work can find new leases on life with programs like Close the Gap. Once the decision to terminate has been reached, say with an old tape deck, consumers can use the GreenerGadgets.org Recycle Responsibly page to track down both ways to pass the equipment on to developing countries or to find the nearest and most sensible recycling option.

Source: WSJ

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