Fox, D-Box to Shake the Booties of Blu-ray Viewers

Posted Mon Oct 2, 2006 at 11:16 PM PDT by
D-Box Home Theater Couch A new revolution in home theater technology, or the next hula hoop? Fox hopes the former with a coming wave of Blu-ray releases pre-loaded with special motion control technology sure to redefine the term "couch potato."

Like something out of a William Castle movie, the two companies have just finalized a three-year pact that will see the studio release a series of "D-Box enhanced" Blu-ray titles. Each will include codes embedded in the program content that synchronizes D-Box's luxury line of motion-equipped home theater seats with the movement in a scene on a disc.

"We are impressed with what we have seen," said Danny Kaye, senior VP of research and technology strategy at Fox. "After color and sound, we believe motion could be the next big wave in movie viewing. We feel that D-box is a pioneer and are pleased to be partnered with them."

So far, only one upcoming Fox Blu-ray title has been confirmed to include the D-Box enhancement, 'Flight of the Phoenix,' which streets December 5. The studio plans to follow that up with additional 10 to 30 titles in the coming months.

Now, if only the technology would come with a special "Ejector Seat" button to get rid of pesky neighbors and unwanted friends, we'd be totally sold. In any case, we'll keep you posted on future "D-Box Enhanced" titles as they are announced.

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