High-Def Holidays: Remember, Remember the Blus of November

Posted Thu Nov 3, 2011 at 11:50 AM PDT by Dick Ward

by Dick Ward

It's November and that means it's time to celebrate Thanksgiving.  Turkeys and pilgrims and Indians and all that jazz.  Or if you're one of those people who watched 'V for Vendetta' and pretend they were familiar with the holiday before hand - Guy Fawkes Day.  It's also a time that the really exciting holidays get overlooked.  Just because no one else is celebrating them doesn't mean you can't, so check out our list and put on a Blu-ray or two to celebrate your favorite oddball holidays.

Aviation Month

How can we even talk about putting planes in the air without taking a look at one of the biggest and most eccentric men in the business.  ' The Aviator' is a  landmark film and a fascinating character study.  It's so good I'm not even going to make any bad puns.  Go get the Blu-ray before it flies off the shelf - you don't want to have to wing it.  Oh, I lied about the puns.

November 4th - National Candy Day

I really love candy.  I'm like a five year old with the stuff - I'd eat it all day if I could.  Though, if I had to describe every piece of candy I've ever had in two words I wouldn't have to pause long.  "Truly Scrumptious" is the perfect description and it comes straight from a book written by 'James Bond' creator Ian Fleming and the movie adaptation written by Roald Dahl.  That's right , ' Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.'

November 8th - Election Day

Politics are so exhausting.  These days you're faced with a lot more than just what politician you'll vote for, but what paper you'll read, what channel you'll watch and what soon to be out of date bumper stickers you're going to slap on your car.  Take your mind off of all the backstabbing and manipulation with a movie about, well, backstabbing and manipulation. 'Election' stars Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon and is awesome.

November 10th - Marines Established

The anniversary of the founding of the United States Marine Corps should be held in high esteem, so to celebrate, watch something that they hold in high esteem.  'Starship Troopers' is the only science fiction tale to appear on the Marine's list of recommended books. But you can't watch a book on your 65 inch screen, so grab the Blu-ray instead.

November 13th - 'Fantasia' Released

My parents went to see 'Fantasia' back when they were dating.  Neither of them had seen the film and they had no idea what to expect, so when a few of the reels were put in backwards, they just assumed it was the way the movie went.  The Blu-ray version is far more accurate.

November 14th - National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day

So I've been meaning to talk to you about the refrigerator.   I mean, I know it's hard to remember to check the dates on the mustard and the cheese but that box of wine has been in there for months.  What if I want to have girls over?  Worse yet, what if there's a nuclear war and we need to survive it 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' style?  So get cleaning.

Week 3- American Education Week

Look, I wanted to highlight 'Stand and Deliver' because the story is inspiring and Edward James Olmos is so good in it.  But that's not on Blu-ray so you get the film that put Ian McKellan in the forefront of my mind when thinking of awesome actors.  ' Apt Pupil' is technically about education and it takes place in America.  So it counts.  Also I still think it's a pretty sweet movie despite receiving pretty mediocre reviews.

November 20th - National Children's Day

As children we just want to be adults and as adults we just want to go back to being children.  There are a few movies that satisfy both desires at once. In particular, this year's big summer release 'Super 8.'  It has all the whimsy of a kids movie but with tremendous adult sensibilities.

November 26th - National Cake Day

You're going to want to be off of the internet for this one or you're just going to see "the cake is a lie" written everywhere by people who may or may not have played the game that inspired the line.  Rather than take out your aggression by typing angrily, just watch Daniel Craig take out his aggression in 'Layer Cake.' He's better at it anyway.

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