Area Liberated: 'Broforce' is Coming to Steam's Early Access Program

Posted Thu Feb 13, 2014 at 07:30 AM PST by

Play an early build for free right now.

Though the game has been in the public pipeline for some time, by partnering with Devolver Digital, Free Lives Games' 'Broforce' has hit critical mass. The sidescrolling action shooter is coming to Steam, and through the Steam Early Access Program, 'Broforce' can continue to be developed while reaching a bigger audience.

The game currently features 15 bro-style action heroes, a pixel art style, and a combination destructible environment and physics system that sets it apart from most every 'Contra' style game from the last 30 years.

With 'Broforce' though, seeing is not close enough to believing. An early build is available to play either online through the Unity web player or offline. Though rough around the edges, the chaos of a world in need of liberation is there for taking.

Source: Free Lives Games

Author: Brian Hoss

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