Nordic Games Group Looking For a Studio with the "Best Creative Team" to Continue 'Darksiders' Franchise

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"We're financially a very solid company, (but) I do not have $100 million, or whatever THQ spent making Darksiders 2."

The dissolution of THQ continued yesterday with several IPs that had failed to draw interest in the previous auctioning off of the company up for auction. While Gearbox surprised with their $1.35 of the 'Homeworld' franchise, even more unexpected was the emergence of Nordic Games as the sole bidder for a bundle of THQ franchises. In addition to 'Darksiders,' Nordic Games Group secured 'Red Faction, 'MX vs ATV,' 'Destroy All Humans!,' 'Summoner,' 'Marvel Super Hero Squad,' and 'Supreme Commander' along with some other more obscure IPs.

Nordic Games is known for publishing less-publicized PC titles under their DreamCatcher, JoWooD, and The Adventure Company labels. Games such as 'Painkiller: Overdose,' 'Sam & Max Season One,' and the PC version of 'Alan Wake' highlight the company's portfolio of published titles.

Unlike the other THQ auction, which bundled THQ IPs with their development studios, this auction was for IPs only, and Nordic will need external developers in order to create new titles for the acquired IPs. Naturally, Nordic Games is looking for a developer to continue 'Darksiders,' and even 'Red Faction' is up for continuation.

On 'Red Faction,' Nordic Game Group owner and CEO Lars Wingefors seemed to see promise, "The last game, I wouldn't say it was a failure, but it was a set-back. It was a disappointment. We realise that. That is included in the price tag for it.

"However, there are millions of fans who really liked the first product. It's a good concept. You just need to make it good."

Nordic Games Group spent $4.9 million on IPs and distribution rights, but does not normally fund projects on the scale of the first two 'Darksiders' games. Still, Lars seems undeterred by the prospect, "We have to find creative solutions to make a game of that size. I'm not worried. If you have a great product and an idea, I'm normally good at finding a solution to it.

"We could make things more cost-effective just by the fact we are not THQ. But most important for me is that we find the right set-up and people. There is no market for a Metacritic 60 game. You need to be 80 plus or even better, 90, to make it commercially viable."

Many 'Darksiders' fans had hoped that Crytek USA, which is made up of ex-Vigil employees and full of 'Darksiders' experience would be in charge of the next title. Lars addressed that possibility in respectful, but noncommittal terms, "Without saying we have been in contact with Crytek USA, I'd love to do something with them if we can find the right set-up. If they can prove they can make a worthwhile sequel, why shouldn't we talk?

"I have a great respect for those guys. They made very good games. But I'm sure they have a full agenda. Making games takes time."

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