New Edition of 'Digital Video Essentials' Bound for Blu-ray, HD DVD

Posted Thu Aug 16, 2007 at 12:53 PM PDT by
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HD guru Joe Kane is readying the successor to his popular 'Digital Video Essentials' calibration tool with the release of 'DVE: HD Basics' on Blu-ray and HD DVD this fall.

'HD Basics' follows 'Digital Video Essentials,' which after a lengthy series of street date delays finally hit HD DVD this past April to much acclaim. 'HD Basics' will not only mark the first calibration disc from Kane tailored specifically for the high-def market, but also his first to be released on Blu-ray.

Designed to benefit HDTV novices as well as experienced early adopters alike, 'HD Basics' provides comprehensive and easy-to-use calibration tests and setup instructions for getting the most out of your high-definition home theater set-up.

"My goal with 'HD Basics' is to help make display device setup easier plus describe what I think consumers should expect from high definition,' said Kane. "This new disc allows users to choose the depth at which they want to learn about high-definition -- or simply begin with calibrating their set. While this is not a watered-down version of 'Digital Video Essentials,' I do feel that entry-level support is just as important as providing details for the more experienced users."

For Kane's full comments and further details on the features of 'HD Basics,' you can read the press release in full here.

DVD International has set a October 30 street date for 'HD Basics,' with a suggested list price of $29.98. The company says registered owners of the previously-released HD DVD edition of DVE will be offered a special upgrade price on 'HD Basics.'

We've added a new listing for 'HD Basics' to our Blu-ray Release Schedule and HD DVD Release Schedule, where it is indexed under October 30.

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