DTS and Paramount a Key Part of the Upcoming UltraViolet CFF Launch

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UltraViolet CFF

DTS-HD surround integral to improving the UltraViolet experience.

DTS has been teasing a major announcement for some time, promising that a deal to use DTS-HD surround for an entire catalog of major movie studio was in the works. The resulting announcement, however, is loaded with implications designed to shake up movie-viewing standards.

During the second half of 2013, Paramount Pictures plans to deliver its catalog of UltraViolet movies paired with immersive DTS soundtracks upon launch of UltraViolet CFF. In fact, DTS-HD surround will be the exclusive surround option for Paramount Pictures entire UltraViolet CFF catalog.

Naturally, DTS CEO Jon Kirchner, freely acknowledged that optical media was still "the gold standard" for media consumption, and that was without having to specifically refer to DTS-HD Master Audio, the lossless audio format that has dominated the majority of Blu-ray releases. Still, it remains clear that finalizing the CFF standard for UltraViolet is part of a grand ambition.

Mark Teitell, general manager of the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE),"Since launching UltraViolet, we've made numerous enhancements to the user experience, and the introduction of CFF will continue that trajectory."

In essence, UltraViolet's CFF will allow users to copy downloaded UltraViolet CFF movies between UltraViolet CFF devices. Where now the majority of UltraViolet users stream movies, the new CFF standard should make moving content between devices as familiar as physical media. Not only will owners no longer to have to re-download movies per each device, but the actual movies be encoded to meet the UltraViolet CFF standard.

By having a CFF standard that improves the quality of the presentation and user experience through standardization, UltraViolet can make the jump from just another digital format to a serious candidate to become the next standard in movie ownership.

Competing digital platforms such as Apple and Amazon are focused solely on streaming, which enables a variety of devices to access the content, but does not guarantee the consumer a consistent quality. In comparison, UltraViolet will continue to offer a similar streaming solution, but will meanwhile also offer a CFF solution that can depend on compatibility built within its platforms.

For DTS, the goal remains the best presentation, anytime, anywhere.

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Author: Brian Hoss

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