'Civilization V: Brave New World' Expansion Uses Culture to Achieve Victory

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Civilization V: Brave New World

Securing great people, works and wonders, the key to spreading culture.

Firaxis has released a new trailer that details features for their upcoming 'Civilization V' expansion 'Brave New World.' Like the last expansion, 'Gods & Kings,' which added religion and espionage, 'Brave New World' promises culture and tourism.

'Brave New World' overhauls one of the victory conditions of the preeminent turn-based 4X strategy title, the Culture Victory. (The previous system was not one of the game's strong points.) By acquiring a new kind of great persons, the player can build new great works. These works can be placed in existing culture buildings, such as the museums, or combined with great wonders for maximum benefit. Once the player achieves a majority influence overall of culture, the Culture Victory will be secured.

As great works are tied to various cities, they can be captured. Unlike wonders though, great works can be moved. Also, later stages of the game will reveal archeological sites, which are based on the early turns of the game, and those sites will prove an important factor in building culture.

The game will also add nine new civilizations to play and a new trading system. 'Brave New World' is scheduled to release in North America on July 9th. for the PC and Mac.

Source: Polygon

Author: Brian Hoss

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