China Blue HD Format Hits the U.K.

Posted Thu Oct 15, 2009 at 06:00 AM PDT by Mike Attebery

While it’s certainly not looking like the start of a new format war, a European import retailer is now selling CBHD players in the United Kingdom.

Putting politics aside, online retailer GBAX is now selling CBHD players in the U.K. Currently specific to China, CBHD players and discs may look familiar to those who backed Toshiba a few years ago, since the technology is based heavily on HD DVD.

Details on the technical specs of the player in question are a bit fuzzy. The player outputs in 1080p via HDMI and is made by TCL. Other than that, they don’t say a lot.

Perhaps the biggest issue facing CBHD adopters is that of movie selection, though GBAX assures that the player’s menu and display are in English, and that the format sports hundreds of Hollywood titles. As if to reassure buyers, the player does come with over a dozen free movies with several “western” titles including 'The Aviator,' 'Blood Diamond,' 'The Island' and 'Poseidon.'

Shipping to the States is available, though a converter would be needed for power. The player runs 259 pounds, or around $410 US.

Source: GBAX

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