'Hexodius' Makes its Way to the Xbox Live

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'Hexodius' merges two unlikely genres.

Namco Bandai has announced that 'Hexodius' is now available on Xbox Live Arcade. The game is a fusion of twinstick shooter and dungeon-crawler, and has been available on Steam since June.

From Namco Bandai, "Developed by Brain Slap Studios, HEXODIUS throws players into the crossfire and frenzy of blaster battles as they conquer multiple game modes and explore six varied worlds, each containing a multitude of challenging arenas. The ultimate goal is to exit the Hexodius complex unharmed, but with enemy droids constantly on the hunt, there’s nowhere to hide.

"Players will explore the entire Hexodius complex and take-on its variety of challenges and surprising gameplay mechanics designed to unsettle all but the swiftest and most level-headed warriors. Master all the difficulty settings, conquer the story mode, smash powerful bosses, and then go online to take-on friends on your way to the top of the online leaderboards."

Brain Slap Studios is a three person indie developer based in France, and 'Hexodius' is their first title.

'Hexodius' can be purchased here with Xbox Live points.

Source: Brain Slap Studios

Author: Brian Hoss

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