Boxee Reveals Payment Platform

Posted Thu Jan 21, 2010 at 07:00 AM PST by Mike Attebery

Want more content on Boxee? It’s coming, but you’ll have to shell out a bit for it.

Boxee knows you want more content and better applications, and they want to give it to you. Of course, they can’t just give other people’s content away for free, so they’ve created the Payment Platform, which will let owners promote and sell their content on Boxee.

It’s a sort of App Store, but it’s not just for applications. Streaming services, content providers, and even subscription services will be able to sell through Boxee. That means that a company like Amazon could easily make the jump over to Boxee, but so could smaller, independent companies.

For their part, Boxee hopes to attract developers and content holders to their service. The first attraction is that anyone can get Boxee; it’s a free program. The second is that they’ll be charging significantly less than Apple, who takes a 30 percent share of any sales made from their App store.

“It’s our belief that the Internet is ready to become the fourth method of distribution for broadcast,” says Avner Ronen of Boxee. “[it] represents a great opportunity for the major media companies and for the independent content producers.”

Boxee hopes to host not only their current ad supported content, but also pay per view, authentication based, and subscription based content.

There’s no set date yet for the first Boxee apps, but Avner says we can expect to see them soon.

Source: Boxee Blog

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