First Direct-to-HD Feature 'Bell Witch' to Debut This Summer on Blu-ray, HD DVD

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Bell Witch: The Movie [Theatrical Poster]

In a next-gen first, the direct-to-video horror film 'Bell Witch: The Movie' will make its exclusive debut on Blu-ray and HD DVD this August.

Starring 'Friday the 13th's "Queen of the Slashers" Betsy Palmer and directed by helmer S. Shane Marr, the indie scarefest was produced with high-definition cameras, and completed entirely in the digital realm.

Though the major studios and other independents routinely release films directly to video without a theatrical release, so far there have been no such releases exclusive to the high-definition formats.

'Bell Witch' will make history as the first direct-to-Blu-ray and HD DVD premiere movie when it debuts simultaneously on both formats on August 15 via distributor Big River Productions, three weeks ahead of its subsequent release on standard-def DVD and on high-definition cable on September 1.

"We shot 'Bell Witch' in 24p 1080 HD back in 2002," said Marr via a press statement. "But we decided to hold the film until it could be released in HD so that people could see it as it was meant to be viewed."

No specs, supplemental details nor pricing is yet available for 'Bell Witch: The Movie.' But we'll certainly keep you posted as soon as further details on this notable release are officially announced.

In the meantime, we've added fresh listings for the film to our Blu-ray Release Schedule and HD DVD Release Schedule, under August 15. Stay tuned!

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