Atlus Reveals the 'Game of Thrones' Combat System

Posted Tue Mar 20, 2012 at 09:30 AM PDT by Dick Ward

It's a familiar style of play but there are a few twists in there to really ramp up the tension

Atlus and the folks at Cyanide Studios have been hard at work on the upcoming 'Game of Thrones' title for Xbox 360 and PS3 and they're ready to show it off a bit. The first video released goes over the combat system and reveals what the new game does differently than others in the genre.

Combat will look familiar to anyone who has played a Western RPG in the last several years. You control a single player with a few companions and you can pause the action to issue specific commands. What makes 'Game of Thrones' a bit different is that the action doesn't pause. It slows to give you more time to give out orders and analyze the fight a bit, but you still have a limited amount of time.

The video from Atlus also shows off the different combat style used by each character and plenty of info about how different classes and skill trees work.

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