'Mega Man: Maverick Hunter,' Capcom's Cancelled Take on 'Metroid Prime'

Posted Tue Apr 9, 2013 at 07:30 AM PDT by
'Maverick Hunter'

Entire 2010 prototype footage and details released for the stillborn title.

Polygon has shared details of what have been Capcom's most ambitious attempt to carry 'Mega Man' forward. Codenamed 'Maverrick Hunter,' Capcom tapped several of the developers of 'Metroid Prime' to create a fully 3D, hard-edged, first person take on Mega Man.

Based of the 'Mega Man X' line of games, the story for the game and two planned follow-ups saw Mega Man and Zero hunting various maverick reploids, robots that had turned against humanity. Plans even included Mega Man dying, leaving players to take control of Zero in the later installments.

The prototype was developed by ex-Retro Games members at their new Armature Studio, and was overseen at the top by 'Mega Man' creator Keiju Inafune. Unfortunately, after six months yielded a playable demonstration, Inafune departed Capcom. Capcom subsequently cancelled several projects, including 'Maverick Hunter.'

Even if the development connection between the development of 'Maverick Hunter' and 'Metroid Prime' is ignored, the similarities are clear.

Source: Polygon

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