The Razer Atrox is the Razer Fight Stick the 360

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The Razer Atrox

Razer's stick pops open to reveal tools, spare parts, and a detachable cable.

Razer, maker of PC peripherals, the Razer Edge tablet line, and various console peripherals, will begin shipping the Razer Atrox in June. The Atrox is Razer's take on a high-end fight stick, and is a full size 10 button Sanwa powered fully moddable stick for the Xbox 360.

Razer's idea of fully moddable includes a case that pops open , and had plenty of room to work with on the inside. The bottom of the case has a honeycomb design to enable an array of possible screw mounting points. The inside also serves as a storage area for the stick's detachable 13 foot cable, alternate bat top style joystick top, two spare buttons, and screwdriver. The top of the case holds an interchangeable panel that makes adding custom artwork a breeze, especially when combined with the ease of removing all the buttons and the 8 way stick.

At $200, the Atrox is priced high for an arcade stick. Out of the box, the stick is limited to only the 360, with the likely possibility of PC compatibility still to be determined. Nevertheless, the stick's simple internal access is an interesting take. Many players prefer to build their own sticks, but Razer's option has a built-in color coded chart for wiring, as well as limited warranty.

Razer will begin accepting pre-orders next week.

Source: Razer

Author: Brian Hoss

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