Netflix CEO Apologizes for Changes, Then Makes Renting More Complicated

Posted Mon Sep 19, 2011 at 01:45 PM PDT by Dick Ward

In order to make up for all the confusing changes to Netflix, there are some new, even more confusing changes to Netflix.

If you're a Netflix subscriber you probably saw the long rambling "apology" sent out by Netflix CEO in your inbox this morning. Hastings admits that he goofed with some of the new changes and he promises to make it right by - well, making some more changes that don't actually address any of the actual issues.

First up, Netflix is being split. DVD and Blu-ray customers will now be using Qwickster instead. It's the same service, but on a different site, on a different bill, and with a different name. It's the same price too, and you'll still be paying extra for Blu-rays. On the plus side, they're adding videogames into the mix - with a price increase for those too, of course.

The next change is - well actually that's pretty much it. Customers that get both discs and streaming content will be pretty heavily inconvenienced, customers that just get DVDs and Blu-rays will slightly inconvenienced, and streaming only people won't notice a difference.

Source: Netflix Blog

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