'Deadlands 2: Trapped' on… HD-DVD??!!

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You heard that correctly. Anthem Films is bringing Gary Ugarek's indie zombie film to the defunct format in a limited edition.

'Deadlands 2: Trapped' will be released on HD-DVD on October 27. What makes the release special is that it will come with a numbered certificate of authenticity and will be limited to 500 copies.

This not only makes the release the last title to make its way to the deceased format, but will also make it a highly sought-after collectible.

Gary Ugarek has this to say about his release:

“Over the last 18 months, since HD DVD’s demise, I and a small group of HD DVD enthusiasts have scoured every part of the planet trying to obtain the left over releases of HD DVD material. We were early adopters of the format and still feel to this day the format shouldn’t have been left to die off. So I set out to do some research and realized the following:

During HD DVD’s release, over 1,000,000 player units were sold and over 800 titles were released for the format. At the end of its tenure the market penetration still remained strong, and the format built a dedicated fan base."

"So I set out to see if these HD DVD owners would be interested in a brand new release. I presented all the information about the film, gave them access and links to trailers, the press kit and the technical aspects… and you know what… THEY LOVED THE IDEA. The feedback was unbelievable. Within 36 hours of putting the question out there, I received over 200+ emails, within 96 hours 380+ requests from HD DVD fans asking me to make this happen."

"I presented the idea to Anthem Pictures, the distributor, and they liked it, and immediately jumped behind it.”

“Some people thought I was flat out nuts and were asking, why HD DVD? Are you not a Blu-Ray supporter? I answered I am, but when you have a dedicated fan base for a format, like HD-DVD does, and you see the passion of its supporters I immediately knew I wanted to do this for the fans. I want to give them something special.”

“I had been asked by the fans to include something about how I made a micro/low budget zombie film, and what my experiences were, what hoops and hurdles I had to overcome, and I though sure, why not.”

“I know it’s a gamble with HD DVD having lost out on the format war, but based on feedback from HD DVD fans we expect this to be a huge moment for them, the film and HD DVD. Kind of ironic that a zombie film would be helping HD DVD try to come back from the dead, even if for a short period of time, but who knows, if the program is a success maybe other indie filmmakers and distributors can do something similar for the HD DVD fans and keep it alive for the hard core.”

Specs are still unknown for the HD-DVD, but supplements include both the Unrated & Original Work Print versions, director's commentary, work print commentary, featurette on indie filmmaking from the director's POV, featurette on the theatre cineplex location, and more!

Most of the supplements will be exclusive to the HD-DVD version as well.

Suggested price for the HD-DVD has been set at $29.95 plus shipping and handling, and it can be pre-ordered here.

You can find the latest specs for 'Deadlands 2: Trapped' linked from our HD-DVD Release Schedule, where it's indexed under October 27.

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