'Angry Birds' Developers Reportedly Turn Down $2.25 Billion Buyout Offer

Posted Tue Nov 29, 2011 at 06:30 AM PST by Dick Ward

Apparently, working conditions at Zynga are just that bad.

$2.25 billion dollars. Let that sink in a moment. $2.25 billion. That's enough to buy a B-2 stealth bomber and still have $50 million to spare. That's, well, that's a crazy large amount of money. Now think about turning that down. That's exactly what Rovi did.

It's just been let out that Rovi, the company behind 'Angry Birds,' was offered $2.25 billion in cash and stock as part of an acquisition deal by Zynga. Rovi said they'd have to turn down the lucrative offer based on a dislike of the company culture. Long work hours, overbearing managers and stressful deadlines are among the complaints.

Zynga - a name you'll recognize if you play 'FarmVille' or many of the other Facebook games floating around - offered a $950 million deal to PopCap games but was turned down for the same reason.

This general worker unhappiness with Zynga is getting attention. Large developers and publishers in more traditional games will certainly be going after the best and brightest of Zynga by offering a better work environment and more creative freedom.

Source: Gamespot

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