Samsung Planning an Unbreakable AMOLED Screen

Posted Wed Jul 21, 2010 at 09:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

We've had unbreakable plastic combs for years. It's about time our screens get the same treatment.

AMOLED screens are absolutely beautiful. On the downside, they're also really expensive to make in a decent size. So while this bit of news is pretty exciting as far as new display tech is concerned, it's probably going to be relegated to cell phones.

Within the next two years, according to the Korean website etnews, Samsung Mobile will be launching an AMOLED plastic panel that's "unbreakable, valuable, innovative, and safe." It's the unbreakable bit that's particularly interesting, especially if you've suffered the loss of a phone due to a cracked screen.

According to one industry expert, Samsung's biggest concern going forward with this is cost. "Samsung Mobile's technology development is going forward at a speed faster than expected," he said, "which makes it more urgent for them to obtain price competitiveness for mass-production from year 2012."

If AMOLED does ever finally make its way over to affordable televisions, this is a tech we'll be glad we have, especially while mounting the incredibly thin and light displays.

Source: etnews

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