Report: DVD Forum Approves 51GB HD DVD

Posted Mon Sep 10, 2007 at 04:55 AM PDT by

The 51GB HD DVD disc is apparently one step closer to becoming a reality.

According a published report from UK research firm Screen Digest, the DVD Forum (the international organization responsible for DVD standards) has approved a 51 GB single-sided triple-layer HD DVD disc for production.

First announced by Toshiba last January at CES, a 51GB HD DVD disc would up the format's current dual-layer maximum storage capacity by a cool 21GB, but more importantly, it would close the gap between HD DVD and Blu-ray. Blu-ray currently supports 50GB discs, which has been one of the primary tech advantages it holds over its rival.

The extension to the existing HD DVD standard was submitted by Toshiba in April and was said to be approved on August 31st.

While DVD Forum approval is one obstacle cleared for Toshiba, it remains to be seen when (or even if) the new disc type will actually be put into use for movie releases. Insiders say it could take years for production yields to reach manageable levels, and there are conflicting reports as to whether or not the new triple layer discs would be supported by current players.

As always, we'll keep you updated on any developments in this story as they emerge.

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