3doo is Making Some Noise with its 3doo Player App

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The 3doo Player App has won the "Best 3-D Product" award.

When it comes to home theater entertainment, there are many supporters who remain steadfast in their enjoyment of 3D content. That being the case, those 3D consumers should be happy to learn that the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society has awarded 3doo the "Best 3-D Product" award for 3doo's "Player App."

From 3doo President Ingo Nadler, "3doo's Player App is an elegant, easy-to-use app delivering a growing library of 3-D content directly into the comfort of the user's living room. As the only source for all 3-D content, the only 3-D content market place, and the only complete 3-D eco-system, 3doo is the solution for easily connecting tens of millions of 3-D TV consumers around the world with hundreds of 3-D media producers."

While the awards have been announced, the actual ceremony is not until September 18th. Regardless, 3doo is beaming with usage statistics that seem to indicate that they have unlocked the business potential of 3D where others have failed.

"The rapid growth of 3doo has been marked by the availability of the Player App from 5% of all 3-D TVs worldwide in 2012 to more than 60% in 2013. Since its launch in April 2012, the 3doo Player App has featured 2.5 million film views to date, with 1,500 new unique users signing up daily."

What is possibly more intriguing than awards and statistics are some of 3doo's stated goals. "The 3doo team developed the Player App as 3-D content for home television viewers was starting to build, but without 3-D broadcast channels and or an effective technical means for talented young 3-D film producers to get their content to interested audiences."

"A great deal of design thought was applied to the Player App user interface, to provide Smart TV viewers with exciting 3-D content with as few clicks as possible. 3doo also devised the concept of a universal market place that connects producers and studios directly with owners of any 3-D device, independent of the technology."

With further design iterations planned for their app, 3doo seems poised to dominate the 3D home theater market, a market whose demise may not be as automatic as many thought.

Source: 3doo via PRNewswire

Author: Brian Hoss

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