'Wonderful 101' Dated and 'Legend of Zelda' Oracle Titles Priced in New Nintendo Direct

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Legend of Zelda Oracle Titles

Latest Nintendo Direct shy of reveals ahead of E3.

Today's Nintendo Direct fell short of any groundbreaking announcement with Nintendo promising big things in and around next month's E3. Nintendo did reveal several new SEGA related announcements including a Mario And Sonic Olympics Games 2014 title for the Wii U, 'Sonic: Lost World,' and several upcoming SEGA Game Gear re-releases for the 3DS virtual console. 'Sonic: Lost World' was described as an action-adventure titles exclusive to the Wii U and 3DS.

'The Legend of Zelda' Oracle titles, set for re-release on the 3DS Virtual Console were priced at $6 apiece and dated for May 30th, and Nintendo promised an initial dollar off to encourage players to buy both titles in the first three week period.

Nintendo showed off some of the eight new levels that will be packed into 'Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. The new levels are contained in an area called Cloud Gateway and each level is based off of one of the game's previous areas. The new levels can be played in classic difficulty mode as well as the new easier version.

Bits of other games like the downloadable 'Mario vs. Donkey Kong Minis on the Move' title were shown. The level creator and sharing features of the already released 'Mario vs. Donkey Kong Minis on the Move' were highlighted. 'Animal Crossing: New Leaf' and its town sharing ability was teased. Several 'Game & Wario' levels were shown with 'Island;' looking like a fun kind of Bocce ball like game to play at a party.

'Pikmin 3' was discussed at length with its three new protagonists, the need to get juice in order to keep exploring, and the ability to use the 'Kopad' (GamePad) for directing being the focus.

Platinum Games 'Wonderful 101' is now set for a September 15th release date.

Nintendo also mentioned how this E3 would be all about games rather than previous Wii U and 3DS hardware reveals, and thus they partnered with Best Buy to allow games to p[lay unreleased Wii U titles in Best Buys in the US and Canada.

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Author: Brian Hoss

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