WirelessHD 1.1 Spec is 3-D Capable

Posted Fri May 14, 2010 at 10:30 AM PDT by Dick Ward

The new standard also ramps up support for portable devices.

The problem with the whole idea of wireless high-definition video is that it will always be ever so slightly behind the times. Until it's the standard, anyway. So while the HDMI 1.4 standard has been around for months, the WirelessHD 1.1 spec has just been announced.

WirelessHD 1.1 throws the old 4Gbps bandwidth out the window in favor of a new 15Gbps minimum. The theoretical maximum is 28Gbps.

So what does all that extra bandwidth get you? For starters, it's enough to support 3-D in high definition. The 1.1 standard is compatible with all forms of 3-D on the market today. It's also compatible with 2K and 4K signals, but it'll only send them at 1080p.

There's also support for portable devices. When unplugged, portables using WirelessHD 1.1 have to stream at 1Gpbs and when connected to power they're required to stream at 4Gbps. That means there's potential for 1080p video streaming from a phone or MP3 player in the future.

Source: TWICE

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