Samsung DLPs Go 3D Thanks to Mitsubishi and True3D

Posted Thu Aug 5, 2010 at 09:00 AM PDT by Dick Ward

There's no official 3D solution for Samsung DLPs yet, but that's nothing a bit of clever hacking won't solve.

Samsung sure loves its LED backlit displays, LCDs and plasmas. There's plenty of love going around for 3D too, but somehow the poor DLPs are getting left in the lurch. While Samsung has plenty of 3D DLPs, there's no way to make them work with current technology.

That's where a company called Tru3D comes in. Since Samsung's DLPs use the same checkerboard format as Mitsubishi's, Tru3D came up with a brilliant way to get 3D to you.

Instead of creating a new piece of hardware from scratch, Tru3D created a "spoofer" – a device that makes Mitsubishi's 3DA-1 adapter think Samsung TVs are Mitsubishi. The result is 3D on your Samsung DLP. It makes the set compatible with 3D Blu-rays and 3D signals sent over cable and satellite, instead of just working with 3D signals sent from PCs.

You can pick up True3D's adapter for $289, though it won't be shipping out until later this month.

Source: Tru3D

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