Dreamworks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg Excited About 3D In The Home

Posted Thu Jul 30, 2009 at 07:00 AM PDT by Mike Attebery

Speaks on Blu-ray, autostereoscopic displays, and 3D integration at the theater.

Jeffrey Katzenberg spoke recently at Fortune’s Brainstorm: Tech conference on the 3D format for both movies and in the home, and not surprisingly, he’s largely for them. While 3D technology in the home is still up in the air, Katzenberg is optimistic, stating "Blu-ray is a fantastic platform for 3D."

He commented as well on autostereoscopic displays, the 3D displays that don’t need glasses. While at last year’s CES the offerings were largely unwatchable from any point except for the exact sweet spot, Katzenberg believes it’s only “a handful of years” before the technique is perfected.

As far as 3D in the theater goes, integration is going very smoothly. Initially there was a large push from both Dreamworks and Pixar for theaters to integrate 3D movies into their lineup, but as more movies are being released, more theaters are rushing to adapt. In a conference call on Tuesday, Katzenberg proudly stated “3-D performances are kind of off the chart, so pretty much throughout the world, exhibition is now chasing this, as opposed to us chasing them”.

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