‘The Walking Dead’ 4.04 Recap: “Stupid Gets You Killed”

One of the more refreshing things about this week’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ is that the action almost exclusively takes place outside the prison. For at least one week, fans are spared all the dark interiors and the coughing and hacking of the dying. Yes, I realize that eventually the virus will be cured, and eventually the prison will be abandoned, but it sure was nice to get away for a while at this point in the season.

The pre-credits sequence does take place at the prison, though, as Rick ponders how Carol killed Karen and David and dragged their bodies outside to burn them. Little do viewers know at this point that Rick is already formulating a plan to deal with Carol. Meanwhile, Carol has a conversation (through a glass barrier) with young Lizzie, during which Lizzie accidently calls her “mom.” Last week, I predicted that Lizzie might have something to do with Karen and David’s deaths, but that appears not to be the case. This episode pretty much establishes that Carol did indeed kill them.

With Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob still not back from their trek to the veterinarian clinic, Rick decides to head to some nearby neighborhoods to look for any medications that might be left in some of the abandoned houses. He decides to take Carol with him. While searching through one of the houses, Rick has to shoot a zombie that comes down from the second floor. Not long afterwards, they hear additional noises, and a young couple make themselves known. After finding out more about them, Rick lets them know about the prison, but also tells them about the flu and the fact that they might not be any safer there. The young couple wants to return to the prison with them anyway, so Rick gives the male-half a watch and tells him to meet them back at their current location in two hours.

Meanwhile, Daryl and the gang finally make their way to the building holding the vet supplies, after spending most of the episode looking for a car they can hotwire. (They eventually get a minivan started.) They’re able to get the supplies and make their way back out, but Bob gets into a game of “Gimme back my bag ” with a hoard of zombies. The others urge Bob to let go, but he refuses, and eventually gets his backpack back from the Walkers. Daryl comes over and opens the bag, to discover its only contents are a bottle of whiskey. When Daryl goes to take the bottle, Bob reaches for his gun. Totally ticked off now, Daryl takes Bob’s gun, but gives him back the bottle, warning him that if he takes one sip of that whiskey before everyone’s better back at the prison, he’s going to get his ass kicked.

Back in the abandoned neighborhood, Rick and Carol make their way back toward the meeting spot when the see a severed leg they recognize (thanks to a tattoo) belongs to the young girl from the couple they met. Across the way, they see a few Walkers feasting on what remains of her body. Going back to the house where the male-half is supposed to meet them, they wait and wait, but no one shows up. Rick wants to wait longer, but Carol insists that it’s time to get back to the prison.

At this point, Rick reveals his plan. He chose Carol to come with him because he wanted to get her out of the prison. That’s right, the guy who has insisted so far this season that he no longer wants to lead anyone has made a decision on his own that Carol should no longer be part of the group. His reasoning seems to be that he can’t trust Carol around his children. When Carol points out that those sick people were a risk to the group and that Rick killed Shane for similar reasons (which is an excellent point, Carol!), Rick isn’t buying any of it. He packs up a station wagon for Carol, gives her some extra gasoline, and sends her on her way.

Now the big question is what will Rick tell the others when he makes it back to the prison. Rick was worried that Tyreese would kill Carol if he found out what she did, but what do you think Daryl will to do to Rick? Or will Rick just lie and say that Walkers got her? And what about Carol herself? Will she run into Daryl and the others on their drive back? Will she go find and team up with the Governor? Or will she just go all Grizzly Adams on us and live out in the woods with the Walkers? Maybe she’ll make her way to the companion show that’s in the planning!

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