‘Walking Dead’ Poll: Should Daryl and Carol Hook Up?

Shannon’s recap of this week’s episode of ‘The Walking Dead’ spawned a (perhaps inevitable) discussion about why the characters of Daryl and Carol haven’t given in to temptation and made their relationship physical yet. Have you been waiting for that to happen? Do you think that’s the right direction for the show to take? Vote in today’s poll.

Carol and Daryl obviously have a tight bond. I think it’s fair to call it love. Personally, however, I don’t see them having sexual tension. Their relationship is on a different level than a simple hook-up. It’s not quite a brother/sister thing, but it’s not quite romantic either.

Putting Daryl and Carol together at this point would be little more than fan service. I prefer the relationship the way it is now, strong but complex and undefined. The show already has Maggie and Glenn to fulfill its romance quota, and that’s enough for me.

Should Daryl and Carol on 'The Walking Dead' Hook Up Romantically?

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  1. I know who I would hook up with…she’s blonde, in the hospital, and really likes green lollipops.

    Seriously though, wasn’t there a rumor going around over the summer than Daryl might actually be gay?

  2. I voted leave it as is. They have a great bond and having them sleep together will in my opinion, ruin their dynamic. If it happens, wait until the final season. I’m in the minority of feeling this way in my circle of friends. Sometimes the idea or the fantasy is better than the real thing. I stated the same thing yesterday about Glenn and Maggie being the show’s couple, and that’s plenty for me.

  3. Ryan

    I’m hoping they stick with the original plan have Daryl be gay. That was the plan when Darabont ran the show. And there is a notable gay character coming up on the show (from the comics)….so…..

  4. Its amazing how a 29 year old can look so young! She really does look like a 16 year old girl. The character is far too young to hook up with Daryl in any event, that would just be wrong!

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