The Trailer Park: A Better Look

New trailers offer a better look at what we can anticipate from two movies that are expected to be big commercial hits this summer. Unfortunately, one of them still hasn’t necessarily convinced me that it’ll be worth the sort of ticket prices that theaters demand as of late. A matinee might be more like it.

‘The Avengers’

Although much better than the teaser released a few months back, this trailer is only a very slight step up and still isn’t doing it for me. I’m not quite sure why, but I don’t have that same level of excitement or interest in this as the other comic-book adaptations also hitting theaters this summer. I must say, however, the last fifteen seconds look pretty damn spectacular. I can only imagine what that will look like in 3D. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to win me over yet, especially seeing as the trailer feels like a crossbreed of ‘Transformers 2’, ‘Inception’ and ‘The Dark Knight’.


Like the one above, I think this preview is an improvement over its teaser. We not only get more of the basic plotline, but also see more of the film’s visual design. For the devoted ‘Alien’ fans like myself, we get glimpses of what promise to be some of the original conceptual ideas that Ridley Scott wanted in the 1979 sci-fi classic, but was denied by producers due to budget limitations. Needless to say, I’m excited for this movie even though the two-and-a-half minute trailer doesn’t totally whet my appetite.

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  1. cardpetree

    Wow, you’re pretty tough to please. How does that Prometheus trailer not “wet your appetite”? That trailer gives me goose bumps.

  2. Barsoom Bob

    Avengers looks it will be fun, but I personally am OD’d on comic book movies. I fear there is a generation that thinks a super hero with super powers is going to come and save us all from our own follies.

    Prometheus looks drop dead gorgeous and has good cred and high interest. But will that hold when the story is revealed to not so much be an ALIEN movie but a parable about the origins of man. It will for me in spades, but I am in the minority on the current thinking on that subject.

    Dark Knight Rises does not fall into the catagory of comic book movie because of Chris Nolan’s vision and sensabilities. I think it will be the ultimate summer champion.

  3. The thing about the Avengers trailer that got me was seeing Hulk catch Iron Man. Just the idea of the characters working together in a “realistic” fashion gives me goose bumps every time I see the trailer.

    I think the underwhelming feeling some people have is because Marvel is wisely keeping the storyline of the Avengers under wraps to keep us surprised come May 4 knowing full well we will all be there anyways. Hopefully that surprise will be a good one.

  4. I will say I saw both these trailers back 2 back with some others I can’t remember and every trailer had that Inception “gong” sound effect and it was very obvious with all of them in succession.

    • Music in trailers is interchangeable depending on genre (Exception: Films with legendary scores like ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Indiana Jones). But, yes, it seems that all action/adventure/sci-fi movies are starting out with that “BOOOOOOOOOOM!” sound. It’s supposed to get you pumped, and then all trailers end with a climax of incomprehensibly fast clips as the music gets faster and faster and then the last “BOOOOOOOM!” then date of release.

  5. I’m really looking forward to ‘Prometheus’ I’m really having high hopes for this one. 2oth century fox is taking the same marketing tactics as they did with Alien in ’79 – Keeping the key elements of the film underwraps & i hope that it will create the same type of scares as Alien did .