The Trailer Park: Muppets vs. Dragons vs. Apes

In our post-holiday selection of new movie trailers, let’s take a look at a few of the big sequels arriving next summer.

‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’

Considering how much I loved the first ‘How to Train Your Dragon‘, I’m excited to see this follow-up. However, the trailer really doesn’t do much for me at the moment. The plot seems a bit too vague, while the war angle makes me think that the filmmakers are going to overly jam-pack this sequel. I’ll need a couple more previews before deciding whether to pay money to see this in the theater.

‘Muppets Most Wanted’

The Muppets‘ was arguably one of the best surprises of 2011, if not the last decade. True to Hollywood form, it’s time to capitalize on the characters’ sudden resurgence in pop culture by churning out a sequel. Even though the trailer looks promising enough, I have a funny feeling that this follow-up won’t live up to its predecessor. I think I’ll wait for the Blu-ray on this one.

‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes’

I’ve been a fan of the ‘Planet of the Apes’ franchise since childhood. When I first heard that Tim Burton would remake the Charlton Heston original, I let myself get excited. Of course, that ended in disappointment. Later, when the James Franco and Andy Serkis reboot was announced, I approached it cautiously, but fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised. Today, particularly after watching the trailer for the sequel, I’m once again excited to see where the filmmakers will take the series next. I especially love that the reboot is more prequel rather than remake, and we get to see the war that was mentioned in the older movies. I’ll definitely watch this on the biggest premium screen I can when it hits theaters.

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