The Trailer Park: The Dark and Hungry Dead

In this week’s new trailers, the premise for ‘Men in Black’ gets re-imagined to incorporate the undead, while two highly anticipated action sequels promise to finish the year with a really big and loud bang.


Is it just me or does Jeff Bridges only play some variation of the Dude in every movie he makes these days? Whether trapped in a computer system or riding the high plains on a horse, you can always see a bit of Lebowski’s mannerisms come out. Nevertheless, Bridges is usually a great character actor, and his role as Old West sheriff Roy Pulsipher in this adaptation of the popular graphic novel promises to satisfy. With a wet-behind-the-ears, recently-deceased partner played by Ryan Reynolds by his side, the fantasy action-comedy looks like plenty of fun. However, I also can’t help feeling that this production has a strange ‘Men in Black’ vibe to it.

‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’

Count me as a fan of this film series. I was really surprised by the first movie, knowing very little about it going in except that it was based on a book my daughter had read the year before. I was even more surprised by Jennifer Lawrence’s performance, which splendidly carried the entire film pretty much on her talents alone. Finally, after a long wait, we have our first glimpse of the sequel, and it looks fairly exciting. The political allegory seems a bit more self-conscious this time around, but I hope that’s only a fault of the trailer and not an actual issue with the film. Either way, this preview has me anticipating the best.

‘Thor: The Dark World’

You had at Natalie Portman. Blame it on a stupid boyhood crush, but any movie Portman stars in instantly raises my interest. She’s high on the list of reasons to watch this superhero flick. Of course, it also happens to be the sequel to a pretty good action movie. Frankly, I couldn’t care less about Chris Hemsworth. He’s just another giant lug with the superpower to make women swoon. OK, so he makes a good Thor, too. I’ll give him that much. But seriously, I’m excited for this movie too.

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  1. No Man of Steel round up? Shameful. It was easily the best trailer to debut last week and the best of the Man of Steel trailers so far. I say you amend this b and throw Big Blue up there where he belongs.

  2. Man of Steel isnt a debut trailer, its the third trailer released, these havent had trailers till now so I assume thats why he didnt mention Man of Steel here, its had a trailer for quite some time now

    RIPD looks great, I love Bridges when he does quirky takes on The Dude, that AND Ryan Reynolds and I’m sold, Catching Fire looks better than the first one (which was OK IMO) and Thor is a definite for me, love the Marvel movies 🙂

  3. JM

    Thor and Natalie and Hiddleston are anti-nutrients for me, but I intend to watch every Anthony Hopkins movie until he dies, and this trailer gives good gravitas. They better kill N&H, and get it going with the warrior girl.

    Alan Taylor, the director, has directed so many classic television episodes. (Homicide, Oz, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, The West Wing, Six Feet Under, Carnivàle, Deadwood, Lost, Rome, Big Love, Mad Men, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones.) Hopefully this will put him on the short list.

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