‘Sunny’ 7.09 Recap: “Excuse Me, Indiana Jones Is a Dumb Movie?!”

While the story in ‘The Gang Gets Trapped’ is definitely not one of the show’s best, it places the Gang in the best possible scenario for inspiring hilariously quotable dialogue. Once again, Dennis’ verbal attacks against Dee are priceless.

Brief Episode Summary: For reasons unknown, the Gang decide to break into a suburban home to recover a vase that may or may not be a stolen artifact from a local museum. When the episode opens, Dennis and Dee are hiding in a closet and Frank is hiding beneath a bed. The lady of the house is wandering around packing bags. When it’s safe, they plot an “extraction” mission over walkie-talkies with Charlie and Mac, who are working as lookouts from a shady van parked outside. In the end, frustrated and fed up, they simply walk out of the home and don’t care if the owners see them.

Episode Thoughts: For such a confined and stupid plot, ‘The Gang Gets Trapped’ finds plenty of room for unforgettable ‘Sunny’ comedy. The best of the ongoing jokes are based on ‘Indiana Jones’ references. Somehow, the Gang think that breaking and entering to steal a vase places them on the iconic level of Indiana Jones. When trapped Dennis realizes how stupid their plan is, he offends Mac and Charlie by saying that they never should have based it on a “dumb movie.” Dennis admits, “The plan was genuinely dumb. As many of our plans are, I now realize.” Back in the van, Charlie and Mac fight over the ‘Indiana Jones’ canon. Dennis’ statement causes Mac to reassess the series. “Part four was dumb. … I’m gonna say ‘Temple of Doom’ is out for me as well. That was also dumb.”

When Franks climbs out from under the bed, we see that he’s wielding a leather whip. Once you get the hilarious image of Danny Devito cracking a whip, it will never leave you. As he searches a child’s room for the artifact, Dee and Dennis give him a heads-up that the daughter is heading his way. His response: “I’m gonna whip this little bitch in the face if she makes a peep.” But the king of the whip jokes lies at the very end of the episode. As the Gang walk past the homeowners, Franks sees the vase in question and decides to use his whip to remove it from the pedestal and fling it into his hands, a true Indiana Jones move. Of course, all he does is shatter it.

Back in the van, Charlie and Mac can’t stop arguing. After getting frustrated with Mac, instead of creating a diversion to get Dennis, Dee and Frank out of the house, Charlie simply runs in and joins them. The next time they go to Mac for help, they hear Fat Mac going through a local drive-thru fast food joint.

The owners of the home speak with southern accents, so the Gang assume that they’re dangerous hillbillies capable of the atrocities seen in movies like ‘Deliverance’. With Dennis’ self-proclaimed grace, he believes he can lead “the extraction team” in and out of the house without being caught. “I have the grace of a falcon. I’ll be in and out like a demon’s whisper.” The best of Dennis’ Dee-bashing happens when she walks into a clanking piece of furniture while following Dennis out. Dennis’ response: “Dee, you gangly uncoordinated bitch, I’m not getting hog-tied over your lack of grace.”

Other moments of hilarity include Frank misquoting ‘Die Hard’, reenacting a scene from ‘E.T’. and gutting a kid’s talking stuffed animal. Mac impersonates a Swedish plumber and jokes about the Conan and Leno controversy. Dee has bad breath, Charlie tries to get Mac to share his potato chips, and Dee’s dire need to pee gets suppressed by Dennis not wanting her to “spray DNA all over.”

Although definitely not one of the strongest episodes of the season, ‘The Gang Gets Trapped’ is at least full of non-stop laughs.

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