‘Sunny’ 7.08 Recap: “Dee Banged a Fat Old Black Lady and Sent Her a Bunch of Hair”

‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ is especially funny when the show points out how ridiculous some popular things are. Think back to the Jersey Shore episode. The Gang does it again this week by going after douchebag hipsters and Facebook in ‘The ANTI-Social Network’.

Brief summary: The catalyst of last week’s episode was Dee bringing the Gang to a underground gin bar whose only form of advertisement is a fan page on Facebook. There’s not even a sign on the front of the building. Realizing the potential power of social media, they decide to give Paddy’s the same treatment by creating a fan page, viral videos and the image of exclusivity that removing the Paddy’s sign might generate. The one thing the Gang doesn’t get is that this gin-only bar is full of hipsters who would never spend a minute in their dumpy bar. Then something happens that thwarts the Gang from following through with their plans.

As always, when the Gang drinks, they get loud. After a bearded douche shushes them, Dennis gets offended. He ust can’t shake it off, so he plans to hunt down the social shusher and give him a piece of his mind. Dennis and Charlie huff off to find him while Dee and Mac use Facebook to track him down and find him first, leaving Frank alone to make a Paddy’s viral video.

Episode thoughts: Two weeks in a row, we’ve been given the ‘Sunny’ goods. This episode deals out some great social satire. Each of the three stories ends with a hilarious comedic crescendo.

The fact that Dennis and Charlie create a fake police report just to get a sketch artist to draw the shusher’s face is priceless. It’s made even funnier when they have to resort to a caricature artist in the park to get it.

What kind of idiot would paper the streets with a makeshift Wanted poster that has his own cell phone number on it? Dennis. He’s that idiot. Perhaps the funniest joke from the episode comes from a prank caller shushing Dennis after seeing the flier. He immediately regrets putting his personal info out there for the whole world to see – and this is coming from the guy who doesn’t want to do it via Facebook.

If you’ve seen the supposed documentary ‘Catfish’, the Dee and Mac storyline is especially hilarious. No more than ten seconds after Dennis and Charlie set out to find the shusher the old fashioned way, Dee and Mac find him on the gin bar’s Facebook page. When he updates his status with a lame post saying which store he’s at, they race over to shush him before Dennis and Charlie can have the satisfaction – only he’s not there. No, after light is shed on a few things, they obtain his address and realize that his Facebook account is a fake made by a creepy ‘Catfish’ woman with many accounts – one of whom Dee has had an online relationship with, even sending her strands of hair in the mail.

Just when things can’t get any worse, the two groups reunite at Paddy’s and see Frank’s viral video that he’s already blasted out across the web. The problem is that Frank made a “virus” video that leads all fans of the Facebook page to think they now have a computer virus. And when they think “absolutely nothing good has come from today,” in walks the douchebag shusher. “Charlie, lock the door.” Roll credits.

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  1. The best part of this episode, by far, was the bit where Charlie and Dennis have to justify filing a false police report, so Charlie makes up a story that the shusher raped them. And then Dennis starts feeling his manhood threatened, and tries to play cool about it, like it was no big deal. “Yeah, but he was REALLY small, so I hardly felt anything.” Classic stuff.

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