‘Suits’ 1.05 Recap: “A Puppy Can’t Clean Up Its Own Mess”

Little by little, Mike’s story on ‘Suits’ is starting to crack. In last week’s episode, he got caught not knowing the lyrics to the Harvard anthem. Little slip-ups like that will eventually lead to someone (probably Louis) realizing that he faked his history. Pieces of his past that keep intruding into his new life certainly don’t help matters.

Mike’s drug dealer friend Trevor returns in ‘Bail Out’, needing to be… well, bailed out. He’s been arrested and doesn’t know who else to call. Foolishly, Mike agrees to help him out, even though Harvey has repeatedly told him to cut all ties. This leads to a pair of thugs trying to shake him down for $50,000 when they can’t get the money out of Trevor.

Harvey is eager to close an important deal with the head of a big toy company (Susan St. James from ‘Kate & Allie’). Unfortunately, he’s sidelined when his chauffeur gets in a minor fender-bender with a taxi, which the cabbie blows into a major lawsuit. Left alone with her, Mike tells the toymaker a harmless story about his grandmother that inadvertently triggers her to decide to retire and sell the company. Harvey is furious.

Once again, Harvey proves his badassness by springing into action and solving all three dilemmas. The taxi situation is most easily resolved when he catches the cabbie in a lie on the stand. However, I’ll be honest that the episode left me confused as to what happened in the other storylines. From what I gather, Harvey arranges for all of the toymaker’s children and grandchildren to visit her, which reminds her how much she hates her family and would rather keep working. Or something like that. In any case, she doesn’t retire.

The part about the thugs is even less clear. Harvey intervenes on Mike’s behalf and talks the thugs into hiring him as their attorney so that he can… ummm… Really, I have no idea what he’s supposed to do for them or why they agree to let Mike off the hook. This part of the episode completely lost me.

I’ll forgive the show for this. The episode is pretty good on the whole, even if some of the plot points don’t add up. I have faith that the next episode will bounce back to form.

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