New Contest: I’m Gonna Git You, ‘Sucker Punch’!

Yes indeed, we’re doing another contest already. Did you miss Zack Snyder’s hot-chicks-with-samurai-swords-and-machine-guns action flick ‘Sucker Punch’ when it played in theaters earlier this year? Judging by its box office returns, you probably did. If you’d like to check it out now, perhaps we can provide you with a free Blu-ray copy. Follow after the break for the instructions on how to win.

I’m not going to sugar coat this. ‘Sucker Punch’ was savaged by critics earlier this year and was a box office bomb. In his Blu-ray review, Aaron didn’t know quite what to make of it one way or the other. Nonetheless, this seems like the sort of thing that will make for some fun home theater eye- and ear-candy. If you have any interest in trying this movie out now, why pay for a copy when you can get one for free from us here in The Bonus View?

We’re going to do this as another of our ever-popular photo caption contests. All you need to do is come up with a funny or clever caption for the following image (click to enlarge), then post it in the comments.

The caption can either be a made-up line of dialogue or something that describes the image. For example: “America’s newest special missions force – Code name G.I. Ho.”

The winner will be chosen at our own subjective discretion based on whichever response we enjoy the most. We have one copy of the Blu-ray to give away.

Entries are limited to 10 captions per person. That should give you plenty of opportunity to craft a good submission, but will also help us to avoid any potential appearance of awarding prizes based on volume rather than quality.

This contest is only open to entrants from the domestic United States. We will not ship internationally (whether you’re a U.S. citizen or not). Employees of High-Def Digest or Internet Brands and their families are not eligible. Standard contest rules and conditions apply. People who have won any of our previous contests within the past one year are also not eligible to win, but may get Honorable Mentions.

The deadline for entry is this Friday, July 1st. The winner will be announced next week. Good luck, everyone!


  1. “Leave it to the Blonde, to bring a sword to a gunfight.”

    “Come on girls, lets walk in slow-mo to ignore the fact that we’re getting raped.”

    “War. War Never changes. Except for when Zack Snyder directs it.”

  2. “There’s strong. And then there’s Army Strong. Sometimes there’s even a few hoes walking around.”

    “I may not look like much…Just wait until I gyrate.”

    “Hey dude, did you see that poster in the Recruiters office?! He told me if i joined today, I’d get immediately stationed on her lap!”

  3. “And so, Babydoll walked into Battle. Armed with only a Sword, a lollipop, and a few Lesbians, she led her imaginary army to a fierce victory…Only to awake from her psychic slumber infected with Dr.Highrollers Herpes.”

  4. Adam Ayala

    As soon as you let women in, they ruin everything! It happened in pro wrestling, it happened in politics, now it’s gonna happen in war.

  5. Adam Ayala

    “Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?”
    “I think so, Brain, but pantyhose are so uncomfortable in the summertime.”

  6. Mark

    No, no, no. This is the Hanks and Spielberg movie set. You girls belong over there on Charlie Sheen’s set.

  7. Corey

    Lollipop lollipop

    Oh lolli lolli lolli

    Lollipop lollipop

    Oh lolli lolli lolli

    Lollipop lollipop

    Oh lolli lolli lolli (*Clapping Stops*)


    (*pop*) Bum Bum Bum Bum

  8. Corey

    But when I am alone in the half-light of the canyon, all existence seems to fade to a being of my soul and memories, and the sounds of the battle and a four-count rhythm, and the hope that a chick will rise. Eventually, all things merge into one, and some chicks run through it…

  9. Corey

    “Cut! Cut! Damnit! How many more times are we gonna have to run this scene before you ALL look into the camera!”

  10. Corey

    Most of the men averted their eyes as the sirens slowly walked through their weary ranks, but young private “Second from the Back on the Left” just couldn’t help but steel a peek at the Wise Man’s backside as he sauntered on by…

  11. Jeff Galbraith

    Frustrated by being cut off from daddy’s money and frightened at the prospect of having to get a job, She thought if she busted out some photoshop skill she would have the evidence required to apply for a vertern’s pension.