Ryan Dunn’s Top 10 ‘Jackass’ Moments

Truth be told, I’m a sucker for ‘Jackass‘. Childish, stupid and disgusting as the show’s (and movies’) pranks and stunts may be, I find them side-splittingly hilarious. ‘Jackass’ is one of those rare shows that make me laugh just as hard when I watch it alone as I do when watching it with friends. So the news on Monday morning of star Ryan Dunn’s death at the age of 34 fell sad on these ears.

While the ‘Jackass’ star may be most well known for a prank that required him to squeeze a toy car into his ass at the end of the first ‘Jackass’ movie, Dunn had plenty of other great on-screen moments. The following are my top 10 Ryan Dunn moments. Warning: Some of this footage contains NSFW audio, so turn the sound off if you need to.

Duck Hunting

When Preston and pal land on the air mat, Dunn flies through the air like a rag doll. At first glance, you might doubt that he was even hit by a single paintball, but when you watch ‘Jackass 3’ you’ll see how badly he was tagged while soaring through the air.

Golf Carts


Dunn and Johnny Knoxville should have died during this wreck. The only thing better than watching this happen is watching it in slow motion.

Rocket Cart


Although I can’t see where it possibly could have happened, Dunn actually broke his tailbone during this stunt.

Master Blaster

When this stunt was teased during the preview for ‘Jackass 3’, I was giddy. Again, watch the full version of it on the Blu-ray and you’ll die laughing when you see what they throw into the jet’s air stream.

Trolley Slingshot


Short and sweet. Had the door not been shut, this is another stunt that very well could have killed him.

Toro Totter


Dunn just couldn’t win in this one. I don’t know what hurt worse, running face first into a metal gate or getting jabbed by the bull’s horns. Either way, it’s hilarious.

BMX Tug of War

The look on Dunn’s face shows how little he wants to do this stunt. It’s almost the exact same look that he gives prior to shoving the toy car up his ass.

Beehive Limo


Two things happen in this video that are funnier than the bee-filled limo itself: Dunn tries kicking out the window to escape, and marbles/ball bearings are placed outside the door like ‘Home Alone’.

High Five


This prank only gets funnier the more they do it. Luckily for Dunn, he didn’t have to deal with the hot soup or bag of flour.

Bicentennial BMXing


No, Dunn doesn’t get hurt or do anything crazy here – but you can’t say it’s not hilarious watching him ride that giant old bicycle wearing a suit coat with tails.

It’s hard to pick just 10 favorite Ryan Dunn moments because there were so many. Pop in ‘Jackass’ or ‘Viva La Bam’ and you’ll see what I mean.

What are some of the Ryan Dunn moments that you will never forget?


  1. I was really sad to hear this too. It’s kind of worse that the manner in which he died so closely resembled some of his on-screen antics, kind of changes the tone of some things that were otherwise funny.

  2. it’s sad that he died. he died like he lived. kind of fitting. he seemed to have a enjoyed his life. i will still laugh at all the shit he did. there was one thing on the jackass show where he was sleeping and bam just threw like a bunch of flower in his face. laughed my ass off at that one.

  3. El Bicho

    I’ll never forget that he killed somebody while drunk driving so it’s surprising he’s getting a tribute

  4. Evan Withrow

    It’s nice to hear someone else appreciates Ryan Dunn and the Jackass crew. All I have heard from people and friends in the last couple days is how glad they are that he is dead. I haven’t seen this callous a response to the death of a human being in a long time. RIP Ryan Dunn. I know you made my life more enjoyable.

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