Mid-Week Poll: Is Penelope Cruz Attractive?

I fully expect to be in a minority on this one. Penélope Cruz is an international sex symbol. She’s a model and spokesperson for Ralph Lauren fashion and L’Oréal cosmetics. She’s ranked highly on many “Sexiest Women Alive” lists in magines like ‘Stuff’, ‘FHM’, ‘Empire’, and ‘Maxim’. And yet, I just don’t find her attractive. Really, not at all. Am I crazy? Vote after the break.

What is there not to like? Sure, the woman has a nice rack and knows how to wear a dress that will flatter her assets. I just think that she has a bony, birdlike body and a horse face. I may not even be able to fully articulate it, but something about her actually repels me.

It doesn’t help that I don’t care much for Cruz as an actress either. I’ll concede that she’s not so bad when acting in her native Spanish. Director Pedro Almodóvar seems to be able to elicit the best performances from her, in movies like ‘All About My Mother’ and ‘Volver‘. But her work in English is much less impressive. Despite their behind-the-scene affair, she had zero chemistry with Tom Cruise in ‘Vanilla Sky’. That movie just left me wondering why Cruise would possibly want to be with her when he so obviously had vastly more chemistry with Cameron Diaz. Even her Oscar-winning turn in ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona‘ left me mystified. Honsetly, all the woman did in that movie was yell all of her dialogue. Does that really merit an Academy Award?

Yes, if you search the internet for the actress, you’ll find an endless supply of sultry photos – all airbrushed to hell and back to convince you that she’s the hottest thing alive. Maybe a lot of people really feel that way about her. For me, the following two photos are fair demonstrations of why there’s just something about her face I don’t like.

Is this just me? Maybe it is. Vote in the poll to show me how wrong I am.

Is Penélope Cruz Attractive?

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  1. Jane Morgan

    Penelope Cruz, like most B-actresses, is only hot if the whole package works. Makeup, costume, lighting, shot. The scene where she’s painting, in overalls, in Vicky Crisina Barcelona, is her at her sexy best. The illusion of hotness. 20 seconds out of 2 hours. But it’s only illusion. You can’t expect her to look good outside of that shot. She’s not Monica Bellucci.

  2. Jeffry

    Im kinda amazed you thought of this, though i fully agree. Ofcourse you wouldnt say no but attractive is a wholly different thing. Kinda like Maggie has that whole granny look going on.
    Id say Jane Morgans avatar is definately attrative for reference.

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