Heavy Metal with a Purpose – Metal for MS

If you’ll all allow me to go a little off-topic for a bit, I’d like to talk about Detroit’s local metal scene. I’d also like to talk about multiple sclerosis. But mainly, I’d like to talk about some of the amazing things being done in my community, and probably yours too, to help people out.

I know, it sounds like a total downer of a blog post. I’m not talking about cool games or awesomely bad movies like I usually do. Hey, indulge me and check this out.

The event hitting Simon’s Bar in Allen Park this weekend is called Metal for MS. Ten of Metro-Detroit’s best metal bands are getting together to help raise money to help fight MS. That’s ten bands for $10, with all proceeds from the door going straight to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The two girls who organized this event under the name “The Ginger Snaps,” Xina Bagger and Valerie Brown, also put together a show earlier this year called F*CK CANCER that raised over $2,500 in just one night. Judging by the responses so far, Metal For MS just might surpass it.

How cool is that? Two event organizers, ten bands, and one or two hundred audience members will be giving their time and money to have some fun and raise some money for a good cause. Even the club is letting the door money go straight to charity. Sure, they’re keeping the money from the bar, and the bands will make a few bucks from selling CDs and T-shirts, but Metal For MS isn’t about making a profit.

Call me sentimental, call me an eternal optimist. That’s the kind of thing I love to see – folks going out of their ways to help other folks for no reason but to do it. As Xina puts it, “If you want the community to care about local music, the local musicians have to show they care about their community.”

If you’re in the Detroit area, check out Metal For MS this Saturday. It’s going to be a cool show. There are some very cool bands on the lineup including the death metal stylings of Writhing, the power metal goodness of Shadow Self and the general awesomeness that is Satyrasis.

If you’re near any other major city, there’s still probably something cool you can do this weekend besides going out to see ‘The A-Team’ and eating at Red Robin for the umpteenth time. You can probably even find a concert, an art show, or hell even a bake sale, that’s got a purpose besides just existing.

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  1. Dan

    “The Ginger Snaps,” Xina Bagger and Valerie Brown
    Rock!!!!!!!!!! A big salute to the 10 bands as well, Ill see you there.

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