Mid-Week Poll: Is Maggie Gyllenhaal Attractive?

Personally, I don’t even know why this is up for debate. Nevertheless, ever since ‘The Dark Knight‘, there’s been a notable backlash in the film-going community against actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. Specifically, against her looks. Are these complaints truly representative of the majority of viewers, or just the juvenile grumblings of comic book fanboys? Cast your vote after the break.

Some of the insults against Gyllenhaal over the last couple of years have been downright nasty. A Google search for “Maggie Gyllenhaal ugly” pulls in 159,000 results. (“Maggie Gyllenhaal fugly” pulls in an additional 14,200.) Typical comments include phrases like “droopy-faced,” “ugly as shit,” and “a fugly skank who cannot act.” Even at their least offensive, complainers often describe her as a downgrade from Katie Holmes, who previously played the same character in ‘Batman Begins‘.

Really? I just don’t get that at all. Katie Holmes is cute, but looks like a little girl, and is a terrible actress. (At least, she has been ever since Tom Cruise zombified her.) Maybe Gyllenhaal doesn’t look like a supermodel, but she’s a real woman who I think is quite beautiful. She’s also a vastly better actress than Holmes. Vastly. So much so, that the comparison is laughable.

My first exposure to Maggie Gyllenhaal was the perverse black comedy ‘Secretary’. Let me tell you, she is scorching hot in that movie. In films like ‘Stranger than Fiction‘ and ‘Crazy Heart‘, she has a very earthy, languid sexuality that I also find very appealing.

Is this a minority opinion? She can’t be that hated, or she wouldn’t still get work. So, you tell me where you stand. Vote in the poll below.

Is Maggie Gyllenhaal Attractive?

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  1. JoeRo

    I’ve encountered this phenomenon before, and I don’t understand it any better than you do. Gyllenhall definitely doesn’t look your typical cookie cutter Hollywood actress (you know the ones I mean, the ones who look like every girl you went to college with … snore), but by no means does that make her unattractive and certainly not ugly.

    I actually think Gyllenhall has a very specific kind of classic beauty. While I think she’s a pretty terrific actress in general, I think she would look more at home in a flapper than she does in a contemporary womans business suit. Again, she just doesn’t look like one of the increasingly young baby-faced actresses that Hollywood and the public at large seem to find so interesting, but if anything that speaks volumes about what a truly skilled an beautiful actress she really is.

  2. HuskerGuy

    Voted gorgeous. Loved her in Stranger than Fiction and Crazy Heart. I need to check out this Secretary movie apparently.

  3. jane Morgan

    WWTDD calls Maggie Gyllenhaal The Sad Cartoon Turtle. I find that apt.

    She was hot as fuck in Secretary, more for her behavior than appearance. With her tattooes and cupcakes, she was the best she’s ever looked in Stranger Than Fiction, like a Suicide Girl, turned up to 11.

    For Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, I wish they would have cast Jennifer Connelly. But, then, if I ran Hollywood, I would put Jennifer Connelly and Christopher Walken in everything.

  4. Marc C

    I think Gyllenhaal is hands down the better actress. Holmes was just horrible in BMB. However, I just can’t get past that face on Maggie. She’s like a cross between a zombie and Droopy the dog. I guess with a family in the business, and true acting chops, Hollywood is willing to look past her looks. Katie Holmes herself is nothing to right home about, but I would classify her more as vanilla than right out ugly.