Mid-Week Poll: Can You Stand Lindsay Lohan?

After serving a whopping 13 days (out of the 90 she was sentenced to), poor little rich girl Lindsay Lohan is out of jail and now spending time at court-appointed rehab. The entertainment industry is abuzz with speculation about whether she can finally clean up her act and revive her flagging career. I have a better question: Does anyone actually care? Personally, I can’t bear to look at her even when she’s sober. So I put the question to you, our readers: Can you stand Lindsay Lohan? Vote now after the break.

In a really perverse turn of events, someone at the ABC Family channel recently programmed a marathon of Lohan’s movies. I caught Mrs. Z watching (well, not really watching – she left them playing while she worked on other things) a double bill of ‘The Parent Trap’ and ‘Freaky Friday.’ I may even be generous enough to admit that, in these very early roles as a child actress, little LiLo was kind of adorable.

But then she grew up and turned horrible.

What I find most despicable about the recent scandals in her personal life is not Lindsay Lohan’s drunken antics, spoiled sense of entitlement, or disregard for the law. No, what bothers me most is the way that the media continue to enable the girl by pretending that she’s actually a gifted actress. I can’t think of a single movie she’s made as an adult where she’s delivered any better than a downright atrocious performance.

Even the legendary Robert Altman hired Lohan for his final film, ‘A Prairie Home Companion.’ She was woefully outclassed by all of the other actors who understood that “improvisation” means more than, “Don’t bother to read the script.” Even in a small role, her performance in that movie is so bad it’s just distracting.

I think she deserves to spend a long stint in prison just for that. But other people out there must like her, or she wouldn’t still get work. Vote here to tell us how you feel.

Can You Stand Lindsay Lohan?

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  1. with all the booze and smoking , her voice is so bad i cant stand hearing it. no i wouldnt watch her. i dont have a problem with her , it’s her life she can do what she wants.also another reason is with all the press she doesnt have the range that could distract us for two hours by being someone diffrent.

  2. Alex

    I think it’s all rather unfortunate. She definitely was a talented child actress, and her performance in “Mean Girls” suggested that she could make the rocky transition to grown-up actress fairly smoothly (even if she was eventually eclipsed by co-star Rachel McAdams). However, hard living takes its toll. If anyone in the regular workforce were to begin living the way she has been living for the last couple of years, they’d quickly find their career in ruins too.

  3. I have only seen three of her movies, Parent Trap, Herbie, and the third remake of Freaky Friday. I hated them all, but this probably has as much to do with Disney’s HORRIBLE remake factory of the 90s and early 2000s than with Lohan’s acting. I guess, thinking back, she wasn’t bad, I just didn’t like the movies.

  4. JoeRo

    “No, what bothers me most is the way that the media continue to enable the girl by pretending that she’s actually a gifted actress.”

    I tried to find articles that made any claim or reference to Lohan being a gifted actress. I found one snippet at askmen.com, which it should be noted rated her sexiness higher than her success, that described her as “a very talented actress”. For the record I don’t trust anything from that site and neither should you.

    I found another article, this time more than two short paragraphs, that refers to her as “an excellent” actress. Of course this article is referring to her bout of tears in the court room, implying ever so subtly that Ms. Lohan is not in fact remorseful of her actions (also that her acting is pretty shitty.)

    I have a hard time believing that the media is perpetrating the belief that Lindsay Lohan is a good actress. Granted I only spent two minutes on my research, thanks google!, but I would expect search criteria such as “Lindsay Lohan talented” would yield quite a few results based on your comments. Sadly that is not what happened.

    The media loves pretty people, and they can be actors, athletes, former vice presidential candidates, or celebrities of virtually any stripe. The media also loves a train wreck. Celebrity train wrecks are like perpetual Christmas for these people as well as the people who consume celebrity media.

    For better or worse our celebrities are the modern day Olympians. We talk about them at work, with friends, we read about them on the bus, their stories leak into our consciousness without us even being aware of it. I haven’t seen a single Lohan movie, or even any of the television she’s appeared in. And yet I can say unequivocally that she is a bad actress.

    I don’t think there’s any sort of media-based conspiracy to make Lohan look like she’s skilled at her craft. I think they’re just giving her attention, and attention begets more attention. At least that’s how things work today whether you’re talking about some celeb gossip rag or the local news. Can I stand her though? I guess? I don’t really know enough about her work, but on a more fundamental level I just don’t care.

  5. Jane Morgan

    Lindsay Lohan is broke, she’s considering doing pornography. I think that would be a good step up for her. To act with people at her own level.

    Also, isn’t she in Robert Rodriguez’s next movie, as a nun with a gun…?

  6. What’s to stand? Lindsay Lohan has absolutely no effect on me, since I’ve never seen anything she’s been in.

    She’s in ‘Machete’ though, so I’ll weigh in after I see that 🙂 If she’s good, then yes I can stand her. If she sucks, then no, no I cannot. Done and done!

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