Home Theater Apocalypse… Now!

Just over a month ago, I posted about the water damage my apartment suffered due to the torrential rain storms we here in Boston experienced this spring. After the first round of downpours, the building maintenance people came in and were able to patch up two of the three affected rooms. Unfortunately, because my home theater room is a small and very tightly-packed space, they were only able to do a perfunctory clean-up in there at the time. We decided to postpone the rest of the work until our schedules cleared up. Then, of course, we had more rain, and the damage spread. For the last month, I’ve been dealing with extensive crumbling plaster and mold from floor to ceiling. It’s been nasty.

Well, the time has finally come to finish off the repair work. That means that I’ve had to completely tear apart my home theater room… again. My equipment has been disconnected and moved away from the affected areas. I’ve pulled my speakers off the walls. I’ve taken all my movies off their shelves and boxed them up. Everything is covered in plastic, which is now in turn covered in paint and plaster. It’s a disaster zone in here.

I feel like crying out in a Gollum voice, “My precious!… My precious!…”

Living like this is truly disheartening for me. I love my home theater. It kills me that I won’t be able to watch any movies or TV on the big screen for a few days until everything is cleaned up and put back together. More than that, my main computer is in that room. Right now, I’m working from a laptop in the living room… and I hate working on a laptop. It should go without saying that this is really disrupting my life and my ability to work. Hopefully, this will be the last time I have to go through this.

More photos of the devastation:


  1. Ouch, dude! Hope all gets repaired soon!

    I know only too well just how horrible things can get due to flooding. I’ve had two separate floodings in my apartment, once when the upstairs neighbor’s water heater exploded and flooded my kitchen, also when the laundry room next door sprang a leak, flooding my bathroom and very nearly causing an electrical fire and possibly destroying everything in my apartment. Thank all the Gods in the universe I just happened to be home that day and caught it early.

    Flooding is scary!! Good luck with all the repairs!

  2. This certainly rates pretty high on the suckage scale (not as bad as theft or physical injury, but still…). On the bright side, you’ll be so stoked when it’s all hooked back up that you’ll want to watch something way special to celebrate.

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