Happy Turkey Day!

The crew here at High-Def Digest will be taking tomorrow off for the holiday. From all of us here at HDD proper and The Bonus View, we wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American readers. For the rest of you… well, happy Thursday. We’ll see you back here on Friday. Try not to eat yourself into a turkey coma.

[Banner image available as a greeting card from Rocpaperscissors.]


  1. Hope all you guys in the U.S. enjoy Thanksgiving. 🙂 Thought you’d get a laugh out of the fact that for some reason, Amazon.co.uk is advertising Black Friday: Deals Week! lol! Ummm… Why??? Not that I mind a week with deals though… 😉

    • EM

      I was already boggled by the Black Friday Deals Week advertised on Amazon.com—I mean, if it’s weeklong, it’s not Black FRIDAY, now is it? But advertising it in other countries without the Black Friday tradition makes it doubly absurd, at least.

      • Why not, you are still a month away from Christmas, why not promote a day (or a week) to attract customers to your site with the lure of cut-throat prices? Sounds like it could be very successful for Amazon, if it works. If it doesn’t have the desired effect, its not like they really lost anything.

        • EM

          I think they could be more successful by not being absurd: A) “Black Friday” is not meaningful in other countries (or sounds like something else, such as a day of misfortune), and B) Friday is only 1/7 of a week. They could promote a week of savings by calling it “Big Savings Week” or something else non-stupid.

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