Evil Launches Girl Gaming Month with Discounts and a Contest to Match

The folks over at Evil, makers of the amazing Evil D-Pad controller that I’ve been using as my go-to option for the Xbox 360, have declared that February is “Girl Gaming Month” as a celebration of the underappreciated female gamer.

We’ve come a long way since the videogame industry was strictly aimed at 12-year-old boys. The average age of a gamer today is 32. Even more compelling is that two out of five gamers are female. That’s forty percent, which is absolutely huge.

As you might expect, Evil is celebrating by discounting some of the gear that the company has created with girls in mind. This includes a brand new Girl Gaming Bundle for the Xbox 360 that comes packed with an Evil tanktop, a pair of Evil sticks for modding an existing controller, an Evil keychain, and an Auto Burst controller with the brand new Pink Camo style. You can upgrade the controller at an additional cost. As is, the bundle comes to $154.99 – a bundle discount of over $100.

Sales aren’t all that Evil has going on this month. They’ve also launched a contest that lets female gamers show off their skills. To enter, you’ll need to put together a montage of some of your best in-game moves, set it to one of the three songs selected for the contest, upload it to YouTube, and submit.

Entries will be judged on editing, quality of the clips, and player ability. The judges from OpTic Girls will be looking for ‘Call of Duty’ clips, and are looking for a focus on ‘Black Ops’, but other ‘Call of Duty’ games are okay too.

You can find out more about the contest on the OpTic Girls YouTube channel, and you can find Evil’s new controllers including the Girl Gaming Bundle at Evil Controllers. Oh, and it’s ladies only, so you guys out there shouldn’t get any ideas.

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