‘Enter the Dragon’ Contest Results

I wish I had a hundred Blu-ray copies of ‘Enter the Dragon’ to give away. Perhaps I picked a particularly funny image for you to caption in last week’s contest, but you guys really came through with tons of hilarious entries. Narrowing the results down to just one winner was a nearly impossible task, but such are the travails of an internet blogger.

As explained in the original post, we challenged you to provide funny or clever captions for the following image:

Honorable Mentions
  1. NJScorpio: The crowd cheered, as Lee pointed up into the stands, silently announcing his forthcoming grand slam home run.
  2. Adam C: “HEY!…you stay classy…”
  3. Lord Bowler: Now try to sweep the leg!
  4. G-Man: Pull my finger and see what happens……………
  5. loganfire3: “Does this foot still smell like Chuck Norris’ butt?”
  6. Matthew D: Point and kick.
  7. Austin: “I’m… a… pretty-pretty-swan, 2, 3. The-belle-of-the-ball, 2, 3. Keep-my-chin-up-high, 2, 3, and… Pirouette! Bum bum bum!”
  8. Jeremy R: That mosquito? Up on the lamp? Okay…I got this!
  9. Lo Mann: You should see what I can do with my other foot.
  10. Mizike: I fart in your general direction.
  11. Mr Apollo: I’ve been holding this pose for 5 hours! How much longer do they need to get a head shot!?
  12. Tom S: “No shirt…No service…my ass!!”
  13. Pedram: No, the one on the top shelf! What else do I need to point at it with? Wait, don’t answer that.
  14. Raidel L: You keep going …. that way! Starbucks is down the block.
  15. John G: I’ll have you know that these tube socks are registered weapons.
  16. Chris: “Oh yeah? Well maybe YOUR haircut makes YOUR face look like a mushroom.”
  17. Danny: “Now, tilt the picture a little more to the left. …A little more. That’s it. Now it’s level.”
  18. LSDavinci: Sorry Doctor but I warned you about testing my reflexes.
  19. Michael: No. I am not standing on my other foot.
  20. Mr. D: oppa gangnam style!
  21. Mike C: I’m faster than lightning and quick as can be, the martial arts master that’s known as Bruce Lee.
  22. Zuria: My socks are white and my leg is quick. If you look down my pants you’ll see my…
  23. James L: “Good evening. You caught me at a very sexy time. Enter.”
  24. Devin L: Let’s hear The Bangles write a song about walking like ME!
  25. Richie: “I’m warning you… Do NOT spin right foot blue!”

This one from Tim is too long to list as a bullet point. Sadly for him, because Tim has won another contest here within the past year, he’s not eligible to win again just yet. Still, this crazily elaborate entry deserves at least an Honorable Mention.

The category is phrases.

Okay, Bruce, it’s one word. Got it, got it… you’re leg is kicked up… kick ass! Kick start! Wait, that’s not one word. Oh, it’s not one word? Then why is your finger up?

Oh, oh it’s not a finger up, but you’re pointing to something. You’re pointing to your shoe. Yes, shoe! Shoe… don’t step on my blue suede shoes! No? Shoe, shoe… Elizabeth Shue! No? Shoeless Joe Jackson! No, that’s not a phrase.

Okay, okay, okay… you’re taking off your shirt. You’re getting naked. Nudity… shoe… naked… shoe… sex? Foot fetish! What phrase has foot fetish in it?

Okay, let’s get back on track. You took off your shirt. You pointed to your shoe. You’re now waving your finger back and forth… you’re saying No! Yes? No, what? No way? No can do… no retreat, no surrender…

We’re running out of time, Bruce. You’re naked, shirtless. You pointed to your shoe. You’re waving a no, no, no… no what?! No shirt? No shoes? No… no, what is this phrase? Ahhh! I got it…

I don’t want to get naked and join your foot orgy! That’s not it? I use that phrase all the time?!


Bruce: No shirt, no shoes, no service! Damn it, I’m teamed
up with you. Your teams always lose. You suck, Chuck.

The Winner!

As regular readers may know, I love a bad pun. This one from Tony W is not only wonderfully groan-worthy, it’s also very timely with the release of the new Superman movie.

Heel Before Zod!

It’s perfect. I love it.

Congratulations to Tony for winning ‘Enter the Dragon‘ on Blu-ray, and thanks to everyone else for participating in our contest. Don’t forget that you still have time to enter our ‘Falling Skies’ contest before Friday’s deadline.

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  1. Timcharger

    I was robbed!!! 😉

    I’m still laughing not about my Honorable Mention entry, but
    still cracking up about my dishonorable unmentionable entry
    about Bruce getting his foot caught after a hard kick to Sir
    Lancelot in his suit of armor.

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