Anyone Got a Spare $6,000 – $8,000?

Last week, I mentioned that ‘Dune’ is my favorite movie, and may have even linked to my extensive collection of memorabilia from the film. I’m a superfan, you see. The way some people are obsessed with ‘Star Wars’ or ‘Star Trek’, I’m obsessed with ‘Dune’.

After discussing that cool reel of Sean Young’s home movies from the set (see prior post), one of my friends had the nerve to point out to me this auction for an original Weirding Module prop.

Me wants. Real bad.

Sadly, the $6,000 starting bid is too rich for my blood. Not to mention the absurd 18% “Buyer’s Premium,” which will add a minimum of at least $1,080 to the final price. (California residents have to pay an additional 9.75% sales tax on top of all that!) I may be crazy, but I’m not quite that crazy. The bang-for-the-buck just isn’t there for me on this one. Also, I fear that the otherwise-understanding Mrs. Zyber would make me sleep on the couch for a month.

And yes, I have to acknowledge the irony that this is perhaps the most hated prop from the film amongst devotees of the original novel.

So I’m going to have to leave it to some other ‘Dune’ fan with a lot of disposable income to collect an original piece of movie history.

Thanks a lot, Mark. Now I’m totally depressed.


  1. JoeRo

    “…this is perhaps the most hated prop from the film amongst devotees of the original novel.”

    True. I’m a huge fan of the Dune novels, but not particularly attached to any of it’s film or tv incarnations, but I don’t share the hatred for the Lynch version that so many do. That said, I don’t understand the negativity tied to that one prop. So people say scented tea in mandarin, and it makes people’s heads explode (hua-cha!). Is that any more or less ridiculous that Herbert’s creation? That is that all humans have a blind spot that allows them to be controlled, not in a Las Vegas hypnotist sort of way but more like in a remote control sense, by simply employing vocal control. I mean … bullshit is bullshit, but I guess people have a preference /shrug. In any event sorry to hear that that auction is out of your range man, that would be a sweet piece to add to any Dune collection. ‘Cest la vie eh?

    • Josh Zyber

      Personally, I’ve always found Herbert’s idea of a bunch of guys in rubber body suits kung-fu fighting each other while scrambling over desert sand dunes to be a lot more ridiculous than having the same people just shoot at one another. But that’s just me. 🙂

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