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Director Ruben Fleischer has hit another home run. While ’30 Minutes or Less’ doesn’t quite reach the level of his last film, ‘Zombieland’ (let’s be honest, how many genre-blending comedies will ever reach the level of ‘Zombieland’?), it’s still a hilarious little comedy worthy of viewing.

For ’30 Minutes or Less’, Fleischer once again reteams with ‘Zombieland‘ star Jesse Eisenberg. This time around, Eisenberg plays Nick, a pizza delivery guy who gets kidnapped during a delivery by two white trash idiots (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson). When he wakes up the next morning, he’s got a remote-detonated bomb strapped to his chest that the hicks will blow up unless he robs a bank within nine hours. Knowing that today might be his last day, Nick and best friend (played by Aziz Ansari) set off on a buddy adventure to steal $100,000 for a couple of morons in monkey masks, seizing the day along the way.

The two relatively unknown writers who penned ’30 Minutes or Less’ knew that they didn’t have a hugely elaborate story on their hands, so they wrote a short and funny, to-the-point screenplay that’s filled with more laughs than the average comedy. Coming off of Academy Award winner ‘The Social Network’ (let’s ignore the horrendous animated film ‘Rio’), Eisenberg is even given great dialogue that pokes fun at the social networking site.

Anyone who enjoys a good crude R-rated comedy ought to be pleased with ’30 Minutes of Less’. The supporting cast of (usually) funny comedic actors truly adds variety to the laughs. Each of them – Ansari, McBride and Swardson – has a different style of humor, which never lets you get bored from watching just one. If you don’t like one of their styles, just wait and you’ll soon get a dose of another’s.

Rating: ★★★☆☆

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