Stephen Larson's Bio:

Dr. Steve Larson is a film and media studies scholar with diverse research interests that include the auteur theory, cinema as a critical reflection of social and political history, the hermeneutics of the book-to-script-to-screen translation process, and phenomenological theory related to cinematic spectatorship. He enjoys movies from all genres and strives to see as many as he can, spanning from the Lumière brothers to the present. Steve grew up in a suburb near Minneapolis and earned his B.A. in 2003 at the University of Minnesota in Studies in Cinema and Media Culture. He later focused on the intersection of rhetoric and film in the Communication M.A. program at Villanova University. In 2009, he matriculated in the interdisciplinary doctoral program of Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media at North Carolina State University. His work examines the narratological similarities and differences between books and films as well as the aesthetic representations of literary sources. Steve's work has appeared on the review site, Rock! Shock! Pop!, as well as in 'Senses of Cinema' and the 'Journal of Adaptation in Film & Performance.' He has also presented work at the National Communication Association Conference.

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