Jesse Skeen's Bio:

Jesse Skeen has been fascinated with home video ever since he first heard it existed, but constantly nagging his parents to buy a VCR didn't work until 1985. Since then he has accumulated more than 15,000 titles in every format to hit the market. He has a rather unhealthy obsession with failed and dead formats, having every CED videodisc title and nearly every movie released on D-VHS and HD-DVD just to name a few. Watches every movie he can but has a taste for the more offbeat movies and cheesy musicals. His most rewarding job was running 35mm at a few movie theaters, where he learned he had the talent to present everything as perfectly as possible but absolutely no talent to make his own movies so he's left that to those who do. He later worked at Tower Records' main office until that company met its unfortunate demise, he's since found more stable areas to pay the rent but continue to support physical media and especially 3D Blu-Ray despite the industry's apparent desire to kill them. Former reviewer who stuck with it til the bitter end; can currently be heard Saturday nights from midnight-6 AM Pacific time on Sacramento's KZAP,; uploader of vintage TV commercials, home video oddities, occasional cat videos and technological rants and raves as "The Media Hoarder" on YouTube. MAIN EQUIPMENT LIST: LG 75UH8500 75" 3D 4K TV (bought when LG announced their future TVs would not support 3D, and will be the last TV he ever buys if no future TVs support it) Marantz SR7011 A/V receiver Pioneer front and height speakers, Boston Acoustics main L/R rears, Polk Audio back rears, Klipsch subwoofer (unknown model numbers) Oppo UDP-203 4K Blu-Ray player (with region-free addon) Toshiba HD-A35 HD-DVD player (modified for region-free and EP-35 firmware) JVC HM-DT100U D-VHS/D-Theater deck (used only for playing D-VHS tapes) Pioneer Elite CLD-59 laserdisc player Pioneer CLD-D925 PAL/NTSC laserdisc player (used only for playing PAL laserdiscs) RCA SGT-250 CED videodisc player Panasonic AG-7150 S-VHS player (plays SP tapes only) Zenith VR-4000 VHS Hi-Fi with linear stereo (for playing LP and EP speed tapes only) Sony GCS-50 industrial model SuperBeta Hi-Fi VCR National DP-830 VHD videodisc player from Japan Sony EV-S7000 Hi8 VCR Quasar VR-1000 VX-format VCR (Great Time Machine, made in 1977 and still works!) Hitachi PAL CED videodisc player from the UK Aiwa multistandard VHS deck, for playing PAL VHS tapes only NVidia Shield streaming device Apple TV 4k

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