Eric Bennett's Bio:

Eric saw Star Wars in 1977 as a kid, and still can't shake the image of the Star Destroyer in the first minutes of the film, or meeting Darth Vader in K-mart later that year. An avid comic book collector, he happily brags about owning Hulk #181, the first real appearance of Wolverine. He currently works in Blu-ray quality control and edits for fun in his spare time, except on Sundays, when he watches his beloved Seahawks. Eric claims My Left Foot as his favorite movie, Apocalypse Now as the most incredible movie ever made, and insists Better Off Dead is the most underrated Christmas movie of all time. You can find him every year at his favorite event, the San Diego Comic-Con, or gallivanting around the world to quench his lust for travel.

Eric Bennett's High-Def Reviews: